A Bride from Moon by Neel Aruna C

‘A Bride from Moon’ which is part of series ‘Dance of Lord’ is a story of romance between a man and an angel. Author, Neel Aruna C, is really very brave to mention on the cover page that it is part I, which gives a feeling that story is not complete in this book. But it is not true, story is complete in this part. It is in the end of the book that author leaves a hint that there will be a sequel named ‘The Virgin of the Devil’ otherwise apart from that hint and cover page mention, story is complete in this book. Neel A C is really brave & has taken a risk by mentioning it on the cover page, it also signify the confidence of author in her work. I like that. For a newcomer, it is very commendable.I read this book in one sitting. I found it that much interesting.

It is a love story between Vishwa, a common man, and Sarva, the goddess who happened to come on earth with a purpose to solve her personal mystery. Destiny bring them closer and they start solving mysteries. It has become a journey of emotion, love, fantasy, mythology with adventure, action and thrill. The scenes where Vishwa and Sarva are together have become very interesting and you can experience the very best of author. Both Sarva and Vishwa have sad past memories but somehow I felt myself more close to Sarva than Vishwa.

Author has taken the readers on a journey to various places in India and outside India too. While author describes these places in the book, details are so much realistic that one feel being present there.

I also like a dialogue between Vishwa and Sarva. Where Vishwa ask her, as her being goddess, to suggest which religion is best to be followed and Sarva’s answer, for sure written by author, is very very beautiful and clear and very well explained. I have made a mark to it to show it to my friends and any other who have similar kind of query.

I want to mention here that though myself being a hindu, my knowledge about our Gods and their family etc is very weak so I can’t say that such information in this book is authentic or not but in either case it won’t affect the main story much.

Cover page of this book is very well designed. Rayen Vivian has really put his efforts in representing the soul of story in the cover page. Colour combination, clarity everything is very good. But I feel author contact details should have been in some other colour than blue as it is not that much clear as it should be. 

Book’s typesetting is good. Words can be read very clearly. White Falcon Publishing has put their quality efforts in this book. Book is not having page numbers but just Phases and Chapters. I feel glossary is missing in this book. As it’s being a mythological story, there are certain words being used which could be better understood with more details. It would have been better for anybody who don’t have much information about Hindu philosophy.

Seeing the number of pages and quality of paper & printing, price of the book is economically good.

Very best luck to the Author, Neel Aruna C.

I would be looking forward to her further books.

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