Sprouts of Emotions

हिंदी के लिए क्लिक करें.

We guess you want more & more people to see your content, In such a case, we are taking on a project to compile your creation in a form of eMagazine and distribute it to more and more people.

Keeping this purpose in mind, Monthly eMagazine “Sprouts of Emotions” is being started.

Magazine Subscription is at INR 300 rupees/per Year. Out of which INR 100 will be transferred to PM Relief Fund and we will issue a digital commendation certificate for the same. It is a no-profit-no-loss effort from our side. I seek your full co-operation in this social activity. Please click here to subscribe.

Even you are paying now but your subscription will start on 1st of July, 2020 onwards and April, May, June issue will be complimentary for you. Your subscription package includes:

  • Contribution Certificate towards PM Relief Fund.
  • eMagazine delivery every month at your email id / Whatsapp.
  • eCertificate upon selection of your content for the magazine.
  • Chance to get published in eMagazine for next 12 + 3 extra (April, May, June) issues.
  • special offers from time to time.

If you have already paid INR 500 or more towards Prime Minister’s Relief Fund or you want to deposit directly, in such cases respecting your feelings, we are offering you complimentary membership for April, May & June 2020 issues and INR 100 discount on the yearly membership to you. You just need to pay only INR 200 towards membership. You will get all the benefits that are being offered to other members. To avail of this benefit, please send your contribution receipt at soe@ashoshila.in or Whatsapp at +91783110755. Please click here to buy the membership at special rates.

In this regard, my plan is to bring 3-6 editions in the next 3 months. The theme of the next issue is 1. Corona issue (April) 2. Laugh-out-Loud issue (May) 3. Children issue (June). There will be a general issue also in between.

Rules for Submission:

  • Submit your content using the form. If you are unable to submit, send the email at soe@ashoshila.in
  • Please submit your clear quality photo & address along with the submission.
  • all kinds of poetry, short story or a cartoon or a painting are acceptable.
  • Please submit your own copyright content only. It will be completely your responsibility in this regard.
  • Submit only one content at a time.
  • Information about eMagazine will be sent to you after publication.
  • eMagazine Subscription is INR 300 annually.
  • un-published, not-shared content will get priority in publishing
  • If your content is published already elsewhere but you still have copyright for this content, you can send it by announcing the same while submitting the form, while publishing your content we will publish details about the earlier publisher. Please note that in this case, you need not send a photo of your content but you must send the cover image of the book or the magazine.

    For subscription to the magazine, please click below link:

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