The First Sip of My Morning Coffee

The First Sip of My Morning Coffee
By Nikita Tak
‘The First Sip of My Morning Coffee’ written by ‘Nikita Tak’ is a good first attempt from a new writer. It is like a well made khichdi of 3 things- short Poetries, Quotes on various topics and a short Story. Language used is very simple yet very effective; you feel a direct communication with the writer.
Poems in this book are on various subjects and moods. Every poem is there making its mark and leaving you with emotions. A form of poetry, Acrostic, is being used a lot in this book and it was my first time coming across this form of poetry. One thing did not make sense to me is the use of the word, Doctor & Engineer very often.
Quotes are very much to-the-point and make you think about subject and ponder upon. Quotes are on various topics and language is very simple to understand. It shows you the viewpoint of writer on various areas of life.
There is a short story at the end of book which is also very interesting. It shows the state of society in present time. It also gave me an idea about how I can help society.
Overall it is a very good effort from the author who is new in town. This book is recommended to all those who prefer light reading.
I have only one complaint and that is about the price of book. At Rs 199, book seems costlier. It is suicidal for any new author who has to make it market with over-priced book.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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Nikita Tak
Nikita Tak
5 years ago

Thank you so much! 🙂

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