some more feelings, direct dil se….

Na jaane kya khata ho gayi hamse,
Vo naaraz ho gaye hamse.

Na kuchh bola na kuchh suna,
Bus kar liya faisla aur door ho gaye.

Samajh nahi aata ki sunae kaise haal-e-dil,
Gar jo sunte the abhi tak, ab sunna nahi chahte.

Aankho me paani, dil udas rehta hai;
Hothon pe hasi nahi, mind kaam nahi karta hai.

Advice leta tha unhi se har problem me,
Ab kya karoon, yeh samajh nahi pa raha.

Har problem ka solution hota hai,
Kisi ka hard to kisi ka easy hota hai.

Bus dhoondh raha hoon us solution ko,
Jo karde sab thik, lauta de khushi unke face pe.
Aur khatam kar de saare misunderstanding ko.

2 thoughts on “some more feelings, direct dil se….

  1. surely it’s good one. giving confusions of mind,different situations are placed nicely. i think (i may be wrong) english words could’ve been avoided to give it a more close feel.keep doing good work like this,you’re good poet in making process.


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