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No Non-Veg

Well, I started taking Non-Veg in Nov 2004 due to force of my friends. At that time, it was beginning so we explore a lot and taste all type of foods. but personally i was not feeling good at it. and not able to stop it also. Thus this thing was going on……..

after a gap of nearly 3 years, i decided to stop it completely. There were many reasons for doing it. but the main thing is that I finally decided that I will leave it completely.

Now its more than 6 months, I have not taken any non-veg item even eggs too and I can see a lot of changes mentally and physically. I feel more fresh. My immune system is improved and.. and…. and……

Basically it was hard to do as my most of friends were non-vegetarians and it was hard to control my desire to have it in their company. thanks to God that I got some new friends who are pure vegetarian and then it become smooth.

I feel good that at least I was able to keep my promise by doing it…………….

Now I have to work on my fitness and control my tummy!

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