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Getting Ready for a change in life


These days I am going through a different kind of phase in my life. I am feeling a lot of pain in a relationship. Earlier I was trying to handle it and it was disturbing me a lot. I was becoming panic all the time. Suspects others and overall was not happy all the time.

but since when I have decided that I will give it last chance now and handle it with full wishes to make it smooth. and if somehow it will not be handled, i will come out of it without being feared of ‘लोग क्या कहेंगे’. after all they will know the true part of it someday and then things will be fine again. I will not spend too much time on this as spending more time will also be troublesome to keep my head cool.

wish me luck for that……..
I come out of this tricky situation as soon as possible.

9 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a change in life

  1. Sir, Personally I think You Should check the root of your problem and try to solve it before taking any decision because Evry Problem is having Solution But what we need to do is just Recognize and Apply :-)I Think Ending is Not Always a Solution 🙂


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